Y-MuM-Y / Parenting Under
Pressure program
Parenting Under Pressure is a case management model
for family support.

1 Bukki Road, Yarrabah 4871 QLD, phone 4226 4100

Yarrabah Dads
This program builds interaction, knowledge and skills
of fathers and father figures and helps dads socialise
with their children and other families in a relaxed,
informal environment.
Contact Gurriny Yealamucka Health Services,
1 Bukki Road, Yarrabah 4871 QLD, phone 4226 4100

3a Playgroup
Muuchum Cuddy Cuddy Playgroup
A playgroup for young mums held 10am-12pm every Thursday during the school term.
Yarrabah Knowledge Centre, Noble Drive Yarrabah
Contact Playgroup Queensland, phone 1800171882

Muuchum Bimbi Cuddy Cuddy Playgroup
A Playgroup for children and their parents and carers held 10am to 12pm every Monday during school terms.
Back Beach Road, Djenghi
Contact Playgroup Queensland, phone 1800 171 882

Yarrabah Breakfast Club
Breakfast for all Yarrabah Primary School students.
7:45-8:45am Monday-Friday every day school is open.
Provided by Gilpuls Catering